My Story

I love nature! The seasons, the colors and everything about it. There are days when I walk out and experience the warmth of the sun, cool breeze, life seems perfect! And there are other days wherein I wish it had little bit more sparkle!

Most of my designs and techniques are self-taught. Hence, I put lot of care and precision while creating these pieces. They are also affordable.


​Staying fit as a working mom has been a challenging conscious effort so when I came across the idea of having a personal reminder of my goal and my strength, it seemed more joyful to run an extra mile, pick up an extra dumbbell and inspire some more moms around!

I enjoy creating charm necklaces, bracelets, crystal necklaces, jewelry sets and wire-wrapped rings. I have many designs of memory wire bracelets as they are easy to maintain and wear! 

If you need custom designed, simple jewelry of specific colors or length or occasions, contact me. Look forward to working with you! :)

Thank you for stopping by.